Who are we ?
We are a group of audiovisual and travel professionals located in Oahu Hawaii and also Chile
Malama Tours Hawaii has another branch called Malama tours Chile where we organize guided trips to Chile , only for small groups . There will always be  English speaking guides that will help you navigate the smoothest possible .

About Malama Tours 

No matter the tour you choose, you will experience the best locations, customs, views

 and local experiences of Chile

These trips are all about nature, wild life, art, culture, history, indigenous cultures , retreats , music, food and so much more , you will experience breathtaking views of the stunning desert in the North or  the lakes, hotsprings and national parks of the South of Chile all the way to Patagonia  !
Come and experience the power of nature and take a break from the busy and overexploited cities around the world perfect to make new friends, maybe find someone special or you just want to hang with like minded people also perfect to heal  and reboot.  Learn about the Mapuche culture, their roots that go back hundreds  of years to the initial habitants of this land, Mapuche means  People of the Land and that is the whole root of their cosmovision .
We will also be surrounded by beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Trips to the north perfect for the months of Dec through June . Come meet miner 11 Jorge Galleguillos from the 33 trapped in a Chilean mine for 69 days, he personally gives a tour of the place and tells us his experiences first hand of one of the biggest rescues in the world! Chile is also known for its food and wine so get ready to pack a few extra pounds!!  We will have vegetarian options as well .Our trips are 6 to 11 days and we always travel all year long!
We offer different packages and you can choose the package you like the most and we will arrange everything ! Does not include airfare to Santiago de Chile , alcoholic drinks and certain meals.
We are strong believers  in the universe and know that last minute changes can occur , we will fix any outcome the best we can as the professionals that we are , sometimes things will change last minute but again as a team we will work it out positive attitude is a must for these trips and we want easy going people . We will also add nightlife and barhopping at least one or two of our nights, Chile is also known for their live bands and dance music ! 
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