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Prices include

 lodging, transportation, meals,

tours plus other treats.

 it does not include your international airfare. 

We will be having traditional Chilean plates and will have vegetarian options as well.

This trip is suitable for all adults willing to have an adventure of a lifetime, please bring an open mind and open heart.

Join us for this customized trip

through our beautiful country Chile,

allow us to show you!

trip Itinerary

9 days/8 nights

Day 1

Pickups will be arranged in Santiago de Chile and we will drive about an hour and a half towards Viña del Mar to a small coastal town called Reñaca . We will arrive to our cabins that have been in the family for over 30 years, here you will settle in and unwind till dinner, it will include typical dishes and always accompanied by Chilean wine , we will have different alternatives for our cabins, they are completely equipped so you will be very comfortable.

day 2

Breakfast the next am at 9:30 am will be depending on what fresh local ingredients are available, all our breakfast will include things like bread, cheese, homemade jams, fresh eggs , fruit , etc.  For lunch and dinner we will feature meats, seafood, fish and of course vegetarian options for everyone, all our products are promised to be fresh, homemade ,and farm raised  that is also our commitment to our communities in Chile .


At 11:30 am we will take a tour to Valparaiso.   

Allow us to show you one of the most colorful cities in the world. We will ride the city elevators up the hills of Valparaiso, a world heritage site by the UNESCO, really a trip to the past, the architecture is so unique and well preserved it will blow you away with its ocean views and murals. We will spend the day in Valparaiso and have lunch at a traditional food restaurant. We will find a place to watch the sunset and return to the cabins. Dinner at 8:00 pm (optional for those who are tired, you can take your meal to your cabin or eat with us totally up to you.)

Dinner might be at Restaurant Dina or we might bbq at the cabins we can decide depending on how everyone is feeling.

Day 3

We will head to Santiago to take our flight to Puerto Montt , its about 90 mins  to the airport and our flight to Puerto Montt approximately is a 2 hours flight , when we arrive we will pickup our transportation and we will head to our lodging in Puerto Varas , we will get settled in and go to dinner after.

day 4

After breakfast we will head out at around 10:00 am to visit The Saltos of Petrohue in National Park Vicente Perez Rosales and Lake All the Saints (Lago Todos los Santos). We will see stunning views of the Osorno, Puntiagudo and Calbuco Volcano , lakes and waterfalls . Full of lush vegetation and wild life everywhere!

Day 5

We will spend another day visiting what we didn’t get to visit the first day, Frutillar y Ensenada, nearby towns built in the 1800s full of history and all boarding the 2nd biggest lake in Chile, Lake Llanquihue. Big German influence in these towns. They are well known for their kuchen that it translates to pie but, OMG! what a pie!! they are different and delicious all made with natural ingredients from their farms.

Day 6

We will head back to Puerto Montt, a 30 min bus ride to take a 30 min ferry to the Island of Chiloe, there we will get picked up by our local friends and guides that will take us to our lodging. We relax and settle in for the next 2 days

day 7

At 10:00 am, we will head out to The penguin lookout , we will board a boat to see the beautiful Humbolt and Magellanic Penguin , after that two hour experience  we will have a local lunch at a restaurant nearby, we will head back around 4:00 pm to visit the City of Castro and its famous Palafitos ( Homes built on high stilts) after that we will head back to Ancud to our lodging and meet for dinner .

day 8

We will head out to visit very small towns where local people live off the land and fishing, pristine land and wildlife

We will visit Puente Kilo, Quemchi, Isla Aucar  y Dalcahue, learn about indigenous cultures, wildlife, history and much more. Little towns with so much background, some structures dating back to the late 1700s, black sand beaches from our majestic volcanoes. Isla Aucar also named Island of the navigating spirits, is a National Park that is greatly affected by the tides, in parts of the day thousands of birds come and feed freely on the exposed marine shellfish becoming a feast and a magnificent view and in other times of the day the island is totally separated from firm land, truly fascinating!

day 9

We will return to Puerto Montt Airport around 8:00 am and then take our flight  back to Santiago. Everyone should board their planes that evening or nighttime, if you need to stay a night in Santiago we will help you arrange everything for your safe return to the airport the next day. That extra night will not be included in your itinerary and travel ticket but we will help you sort it out in the most convenient way.

These activities are subject to change depending on weather conditions , traffic , or any other circumstance we have no control over but we assure you we will have a plan B , we might also switch activities but we will always try to keep to the original itinerary of course. If there is a complete change of activity it wont alter the price of your activity or will you receive any refunds for any changes done during the trip, we will make up for anything important that we miss on the trip with other activities.  Mahalo for your patience.


This trip can be done in 7 days but we do it in 9 to be able to relax a little and not be go go go but it can be changed and customized to your liking. Minimum of two guest to complete itinerary, you will have a guide available 24/7 and always there to help with translations and giving you the best customer service our company is known for.

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