CHILE 2020

9th to 16th of December

Solar eclipses are more than a breathtaking show of nature​, unfortunatelly  not everyone experiences every solar eclipse. Getting a chance to see a total solar eclipse is rare. The moon’s shadow on Earth isn’t very big, so only a small portion of places on Earth will see it. 

Considered the capital of the world astronomy, Chile has another (and probably the best) opportunity to experience this amazing event, Malama is happy to give that chance of your life by creating this specific tour for a limited number of lucky people.

The aboriginal people of Chile, The Mapuches, have a especial cosmovisión with eclipses. Malama intentions is to create that connection with this indigenous ethnic group and share with you their ancestral beliefs towards this amazing event.   



Itinerary Solar Eclipse Tour with Malama Tours

8 days / 7 nights

Dec 09 / Day 1

Arrival to Santiago de Chile – Airport pick up. We will drive one hour to my family's hotel Cabañas Costa Verde. We will settle in as everyone starts to arrive. Dinner will be close by at restaurant Dina, a family owned restaurant that makes delicious typical dishes.We will go to sleep early as everyone will be probably tired from their flights.


Dec 10 / Day 2


We will go sightseeing to the beautiful town of Valparaiso to see colorful murals and architecture that dates  back to the 1800s, a city named world heritage site by the UNESCO. We will have a late lunch and watch the sunset from above the hills in one of the famous lookouts before returning to our accommodation. Dinner will be optional this evening. We will bbq by the pool in the hotel


Dec 11 / Day 3


We will return to Santiago to take a one hour flight to Temuco down south. We will pick up our transportation and drive to Pucon (about 1,5 hr) We will stay in our cozy Cabins. After settle in, we will go to visit the small and historic town of Pucon, full of cute shops, restaurants, bars and the beautiful lake Villarica perfect for walks along its volcanic black sand beaches. We will have dinner in Pucon; we can also enjoy handcrafted beers as Pucon is well known for its local breweries.When we return a nice dip in the outdoor wooden Jacuzzi ( Tinajas ) before bed.


Dec 12 / Day 4


Today after a later start and having brunch around noon we will head out to explore the national parks of Ojos Del Caburga and Rio Turbio Waterfalls, two separate parks full of lush vegetation, wildlife, lakes and waterfalls. Their glacier waters comes straight from the heights of the Andes mountain range. We will have dinner and adventure to explore the night life of Pucon.


Dec 13  / Day 5


After a late breakfast we will enjoy a beautiful scenic drive towards Tolten, stopping by for lunch in a local restaurant on the way to meet our Mapuche friends. Mapuche means People of the Land, they are the indigenous culture that lives in the beautiful coastline of the Tolten River. We will meet with a Machi, the religious healer of the group that will tell us about their Mapuche indigenous culture, their natural medicines, their cosmo vision within eclipses, their belief  system and so much more, we will also enjoy  a typical meal prepared by mapuche cooks and all of the products grown and harvested by them. Spending time with this group it is a real privilege, being able to learn and interact with them is a once in a lifetime experience, their one goal in life is to protect the land, their families and their elders. Their language is said to be born from the sounds of nature. We will disconnect from all WiFi and modern technologies to be surrounded by nature. No antennas in some areas. Great therapy! We will sleep by the starry sky and sourranded  by the silence of nature. We will sleep in shared areas in the ranch JyC Owend and operated by a Mapuche family, it will be our hostel type shared rooms, you will have your own bed and we will make sure you have everything you need to get rest and prepare for the big day tomorrow, the Solar Eclipse !!


Dec 14 / Day 6


We will watch the sun to rise for last time before the eclipse. We will have a tipycal Mapuche breakfast with Ediel, our kayak guide. He will take us for a kayak trip down the Tolten river birdwatching and spot the wildlife of the area. Then we will go to the best spot to contemplate the Eclipse. There will be lots of things happening for this unique event, however we want to be able to enjoy it in silence, in peace and be able to connect with the earths energy in that moment and to focus on the things we want to change or better in our lives, it’s a huge shift of energy so we want to be in a special place. Later that day and after say good bye to our friends, we will head back to Pucon.


Dec 15 / Day 7


Around 9am, we will head to one of the many hot springs that the region has to offer. After lunch you will have free time to go shooping, walk around Pucon and its beaches (Black sand lake beaches). We return for our last night in the accommodation, we will have dinner together, your host Jarmi will cook a delicious feast for everyone! We shall talk about the highlights of our trip and get ready to return home.


Dec 16 / Day 8


After breakfast we take a one hour flight back to Santiago where everyone will take their flights home. I will be staying in Santiago that night in case your flight is the next day and I can help you book  a room for that one night. This extra night is not included in your Itinerary cost.


Package for 8 adults for 8 days $3,500 pp. includes: lodging, transportation, activities, meals and some days we have drinks included like our amazing bottles of Chilean wine which we will have through all our trip. Does not include plane ticket to Chile, your separate drinks, shopping, snacks ect.

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