Want to do something different and unique? Join us in this cultural exchange of organic farming and poi making in the Valleys of Kahaluu. Our destination will be at Daniel Anthony's Mana Ai Organic Farm and Non-Profit organization in Kaneohe, Hawai'i. Mana Ai is an organic farm that uses zero chemicals or GMOs. Guests will experience the Hawaiian traditions of farming and cooking with both hands-on tasks and first-hand learning. 


Daniel Anthony is a Hawaiian local very involved within the community and the state of Hawaii. His mission is to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture and the art of the ancestral ancient technique of poi making. Andrew Zimmern, from "Bizarre Foods", witnessed this firsthand, naming this adventure as his #2 best experience in Hawaii. To view the episode, click here.


What is poi? Per the Hawaiian language dictionary, poi is the "Hawaiian staff of life, made from cooked taro corms, pounded and thinned with water".

Tour Details

During the first half of the tour, Daniel will explain sustainability, organic farming and the making this ancient food. The second half, we will immerse ourselves in the actual practice and pounding poi. We will also be cooking other Hawaiian cultured dishes, such as poi pizza, laulau, breadfruit fries, and much more! It will depend on the local ingredients available, but we will cook a variety of dishes all inspired in Hawaiian cuisine. Daniel also provides his products to the best farm to table restaurants in Honolulu, and even across the country. 

With your visit, not only will you be supporting the local community, but you will also leave a positive imprint on the land (aina) and provide much needed support for Daniel's non-profit organization, Hui Aloha Aina Momona.  

Come discover the truth about Hawaiian history and experience this one of a kind adventure at Daniel Anthony's farm. Not only will you learn but you will be helping a Hawaiian family, the community, and continue the intention of saving the planet and learning about healthy choices for ourselves and our children.

Open to all group sizes


USD $175.00 (plus tax)

per person

9:30 am - Pick up

1:30 pm - Return

Hawaiian Culture 


Poi Workshop

Space is limited and available upon request.

Please call in advance to reserve your spot on this unforgettable adventure! 

If you have a rental car we will provide directions to the farm.          

Discounts are available depending on the group size.

Student discounts are also available.

Activities will vary depending on weather and farm conditions, but we can always  assure you a good time and good food!

Items to bring:

Water in reusable container

Footwear that can get muddy

And an open heart and mind!